2003 Scholastic Championships


A Coronation

This year Division 1 was more of a coronation than a competition. Madison West came into the event with an average rating of 1648, 60 points higher than their nearest competitor, Nicolet, and nearly 300 points higher than any other team.

And it wasn't even that close.

A good performance from USM managed to keep West in second place on tiebreaks, but when the two teams met in round 4 there was no contest, West giving up only a draw on second board. They closed out with a vengeful sweep of last year's champions, Milwaukee School of Languages.

West's domination was nearly complete, taking four of the five board prizes, being denied the prize on first board by a perfect performance from Brookfield Academy's Alex Gianos-Steinberg.

Nicolet finished in clear second place, losing only to West, while Marquette University High School took third place overall on tiebreaks.

West's domination carried on into Division 2, as their second squad took first place, over Marion High School and Nicolet's second team.

In individual performances, Steve Wachowiak (Milwaukee Pulaski) was best first board with a perfect score, tied with Justin Shultz and Paul Lacosse. On second board there was a tie between Jesse Blashe (Marion High School) and Daniel Graves (Nicolet). There way a tie as well on third board between Jacob Kouteks (Milwaukee Tech), Tim Hintz (Marion) and Adam Smka (Waupaca) with another three-way tie on fourth board between Tim Bauman (Jefferson), Jacob Putirskis (South Milwaukee), Jon Lund (University School). On fifth board we finally escape the ties, as Ryan Ben-Hur (St John's) was the lone perfect score.

Riverside University High School took the team title for JV (K-12) while the individual title went to Stephan Desmoulin (Plymouth Home School) witha perfect score. The K-8 team title went to Marion, while Jeremy Kane (Madison Hamilton) and Chris Brown (Hales Corners Lutheran) tied for individual honors with perfect scores.

Varsity Results — Division 1

Team Crosstable

1 Madison West High School 1648 W3,40.0 W7,30.0 W2,26.0 W5,36.5 W6,40.0 5.0 172.5
2 Nicolet High School 1584 W9,35.5 W6,32.0 L1,14.0 W7,30.0 W5,24.5 4.0 136.0
3 Marquette High School 1179 L1,0.0 W10,40.0 L6,16.5 W11,40.0 W9,35.5 3.0 132.0
4 Milw Rufus King HS 862 L5,0.0 L9,15.5 W11,32.0 -B-,40.0 W8,40.0 3.0 127.5
5 Univ School of Milwaukee 1397 W4,40.0 W8,40.0 W7,26.0 L1,3.5 L2,15.5 3.0 125.0
6 Milw School of Languages 1286 W11,40.0 L2,8.0 W3,23.5 W9,30.0 L1,0.0 3.0 101.5
7 Brookfield Academy 1289 W10,40.0 L1,10.0 L5,14.0 L2,10.0 -B-,40.0 2.0 114.0
8 Milw Hamilton HS nnnn -B-,40.0 L5,0.0 L9,9.0 W10,30.0 L4,0.0 2.0 79.0
9 Milw James Madison HS 1013 L2,4.5 W4,24.5 W8,31.0 L6,10.0 L3,4.5 2.0 74.5
10 Madison East High School 639 L7,0.0 L3,0.0 -B-,27.0 L8,10.0 W11,27.0 2.0 64.0
11 Milw Metropolitan HS 551 L6,0.0 -B-,40.0 L4,8.0 L3,0.0 L10,13.0 1.0 61.0

Board 1

1 Gianos-Steinberg, Alex Brookfield Academy 1314 W5 W4 W8 W2 -B- 5.0
2 Vaja, Ashish Nicolet High School 1965 W6 W9 W4 L1 D8 3.5
3 Glad, Brayden E Marquette High School 1632 L4 W5 D9 W10 W6 3.5
4 Santarius, Erik F Madison West High School 1782 W3 L1 L2 W8 W9 3.0
5 Richards, Joseph P Madison East High School 1607 L1 L3 -B- W11 W10 3.0
6 Robinson, Carl Milw James Madison HS 1403 L2 W7 W11 W9 L3 3.0
7 Allen, Damien E Milw Rufus King High School 1280 L8 L6 W10 -B- W11 3.0
8 Sasi, Vikram S Univ School of Milwaukee 1746 W7 W11 L1 L4 D2 2.5
9 Her, Hindson Milw School of Languages 1453 W10 L2 D3 L6 L4 1.5
10 Sander, Terrell Milw Metropolitan HS 1001 L9 -B- L7 L3 L5 1.0
11 Lewandowski, James Milw Hamilton High School nnnn -B- L8 L6 L5 L7 1.0

Board 2

12 Wu, Fan Madison West High School 1785 W15 W19 W13 W16 W18 5.0
13 Kenny, Joel J Nicolet High School 1634 D21 W18 L12 W19 W16 3.5
14 Hancock, Andrew A Milw Rufus King HS 711 L16 D21 W22 -B- W17 3.5
15 Shawger, Brian C Marquette High School 1453 L12 W20 D18 W22 D21 3.0
16 Machulak, James E Univ School of Milwaukee 1436 W14 W17 W19 L12 L13 3.0
17 Shakoor, Abdul Milw Hamilton High School nnnn -B- L16 W21 W20 L14 3.0
18 Lynk, Rodney Baron Milw School of Languages 1486 W22 L13 D15 W21 L12 2.5
19 Somasundaram, Vignesh Brookfield Academy 1325 W20 L12 L16 L13 -B- 2.0
20 Kurth, Jeff Madison East High School 924 L19 L15 -B- L17 W22 2.0
21 Tolbert, Mordecai Milw James Madison HS 1262 D13 D14 L17 L18 D15 1.5
22 Xiong, Xoua Milw Metropolitan High School 532 L18 -B- L14 L15 L20 1.0

Board 3

23 Kane, Daniel Madison West High School 1794 W27 W28 D25 W26 W24 4.5
24 Her, Sou Milw School of Languages 1343 W31 W25 W27 W33 L23 4.0
25 Suzuki, Yoh Nicolet High School 1420 W33 L24 D23 W28 D26 3.0
26 Kalsey, Sunny S Univ School of Milwaukee 1356 W29 W32 D28 L23 D25 3.0
27 Southwell, Robert Marquette High School 1178 L23 W30 L24 W31 W33 3.0
28 Moths, Brian Brookfield Academy 1319 W30 L23 D26 L25 -B- 2.5
29 De Bruin, Chris E Milw Rufus King HS 830 L26 D33 L31 -B- W32 2.5
30 Last, Robbie Madison East High School 888 L28 L27 -B- L32 W31 2.0
31 Davis, Jamar Milw Metropolitan High School 458 L24 -B- W29 L27 L30 2.0
32 Hassan, Mohammed Milw Hamilton High School nnnn -B- L26 L33 W30 L29 2.0
33 Tolbert, Matthew J Milw James Madison HS 1023 L25 D29 W32 L24 L27 1.5

Board 4

34 Swiggum, Joseph K Madison West High School 1463 W36 W42 W38 D35 W39 4.5
35 Kaufman, Andrew R Univ School of Milwaukee 1215 W37 W41 W42 D34 D38 4.0
36 Paretti, Frank J Marquette High School 874 L34 -B- W39 W40 W43 4.0
37 Hatten, Daniel Milw Rufus King High School 770 L35 W43 W40 -B- W41 4.0
38 Gao, Boyi Nicolet High School 1454 W43 W39 L34 W42 D35 3.5
39 Dang, Christina Th Milw School of Languages 1076 W40 L38 L36 W43 L34 2.0
40 Xiong, Peng Milw Metropolitan High School nnnn L39 -B- L37 L36 -B- 2.0
41 Newberry, Tony Milw Hamilton High School nnnn -B- L35 L43 -B- L37 2.0
42 Towell, Brian Brookfield Academy nnnn -B- L34 L35 L38 -B- 2.0
43 Shepsky, Christina Milw James Madison HS 941 L38 L37 W41 L39 L36 1.0

Board 5

44 Holm, Stephen M Madison West High School 1419 W48 W53 W45 W46 W47 5.0
45 Ray, Amrik Nicolet High School 1450 W50 W47 L44 W53 D46 3.5
46 Michel, Zachary Univ School of Milwaukee 1233 W49 W52 W53 L44 D45 3.5
47 Clausins, Michael Milw School of Languages 1072 W51 L45 W48 W50 L44 3.0
48 Novak, Steven C Marquette High School 758 L44 -B- L47 W51 W50 3.0
49 Lynch, Trenton Milw Rufus King High School nnnn L46 L50 W51 -B- W52 3.0
50 Raufmann, Justin R Milw James Madison HS 439 L45 W49 W52 L47 L48 2.0
51 Combs, Raymond Milw Metropolitan High School nnnn L47 -B- L49 L48 -B- 2.0
52 Pinkston, Spencer Milw Hamilton High School nnnn -B- L46 L50 -B- L49 2.0
53 Guenther, Mitch Brookfield Academy nnnn -B- L44 L46 L45 -B- 2.0


Varsity Results — Division 2

Team Crosstable

NoName(Team)Rd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5MPGPMMed
1 Madison West High School W15,40.0 W4,28.0 W13,29.5 W12,26.0 W3,28.0 5.0 151.5
2 Marion High School L5,19.5 -B-,40.0 W11,40.0 W10,40.0 W16,23.0 4.0 162.5
3 Nicolet High School W31,40.0 W9,25.0 W25,40.0 W5,35.5 L1,12.0 4.0 152.5
4 Jefferson High School W24,40.0 L1,12.0 W19,30.0 W25,30.5 W8,25.5 4.0 138.0
5 Milwaukee Bay View HS W2,20.5 W14,32.0 W6,32.0 L3,4.5 W12,40.0 4.0 129.0
6 Waupaca High School W8,20.5 W11,29.5 L5,8.0 W16,20.5 W13,31.0 4.0 109.5
7 Univ School of Milwaukee W18,30.0 D16,20.0 L12,11.0 W23,40.0 W26,32.0 3.5 133.0
8 Manitowoc Lincoln HS L6,19.5 W24,31.0 W20,33.0 W26,34.0 L4,14.5 3.0 132.0
9 South Milwaukee High School W10,26.0 L3,15.0 W22,35.5 L13,15.0 W21,40.0 3.0 131.5
10 Milwaukee Riverside HS L9,14.0 W29,35.0 W28,40.0 L2,0.0 W24,33.0 3.0 122.0
11 St Mary's Spring HS W19,30.0 L6,10.5 L2,0.0 W30,40.0 W23,26.5 3.0 107.0
12 Oconomowoc High School W27,31.0 W23,21.5 W7,29.0 L1,14.0 L5,0.0 3.0 95.5 9.5
13 Plymouth High School W28,21.0 W20,30.0 L1,10.5 W9,25.0 L6,9.0 3.0 95.5 8.5
14 Milwaukee Tech High School W30,27.5 L5,8.0 L16,8.0 W18,21.0 W25,21.5 3.0 86.0
15 Franklin High School L1,0.0 W18,24.0 L23,6.5 W19,22.0 W20,21.0 3.0 73.5
16 Milwaukee Pulaski HS W26,33.0 D7,20.0 W14,32.0 L6,19.5 L2,17.0 2.5 121.5
17 St John's Military Academy L25,13.0 L27,16.0 L25,15.0 W31,40.0 W29,32.0 2.0 116.0
18 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS L7,10.0 L15,16.0 W31,40.0 L14,19.0 W27,25.0 2.0 110.0
19 Milton High School L11,10.0 W31,40.0 L4,10.0 L15,18.0 W30,31.0 2.0 109.0
20 Sauk Prairie High School -B-,34.0 L13,10.0 L8,7.0 W28,34.0 L15,19.0 2.0 104.0
21 Westosha Central HS L23,16.0 L28,14.0 W29,36.0 W27,32.0 L9,0.0 2.0 98.0
22 Milw Juneau High School W29,40.0 L25,18.0 L9,4.5 L24,9.5 W28,25.0 2.0 97.0
23 Marquette High School W21,24.0 L12,18.5 W15,33.5 L7,0.0 L11,13.5 2.0 89.5
24 Hartland Arrowhead HS L4,0.0 L8,9.0 -B-,40.0 W22,30.5 L10,7.0 2.0 86.5
25 Kewaskum High School W17,27.0 W22,22.0 L3,0.0 L4,9.5 L14,18.5 2.0 77.0
26 Wisconsin Lutheran HS L16,7.0 W30,31.0 W27,22.0 L8,6.0 L7,8.0 2.0 74.0
27 Milwaukee Vincent HS L12,9.0 W17,24.0 L26,18.0 L21,8.0 L18,15.0 1.0 74.0
28 Green Lake High School L13,19.0 W21,26.0 L10,0.0 L20,6.0 L22,15.0 1.0 66.0
29 Milwaukee North Division HS L22,0.0 L10,5.0 L21,4.0 -B-,40.0 L17,8.0 1.0 57.0
30 Milw South Division HS L14,12.5 L26,9.0 W17,25.0 L11,0.0 L19,9.0 1.0 55.5
31 Milwaukee Metropolitan HS L3,0.0 L19,0.0 L18,0.0 L17,0.0 -B-,40.0 1.0 40.0 2003

Board 1

1 Wachowiak, Steve Milwaukee Pulaski HS W29 W18 W22 W16 W9 5.0
2 Shultz, Justin Milton High School W54 W27 W23 W30 W31 5.0
3 LaCosse, Paul Manitowoc Lincoln High School W16 W21 W8 W29 W23 5.0
4 Wullschleger, Eric Madison West High School W30 D23 W28 W13 W5 4.5
5 Hirschman, Zac Nicolet High School W27 W10 W12 W6 L4 4.0
6 Her, Fue Milwaukee Bay View HS W9 W22 W16 L5 W13 4.0
7 Giese, Cody Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS W18 L30 W27 W22 W25 4.0
8 Liegel, Matt Sauk Prairie High School -B- W28 L3 W17 W30 4.0
9 Gawlick, Jason Marion High School L6 -B- W54 W14 L1 3.0
10 Marrari, Andrew South Milwaukee High School W14 L5 W24 L28 W19 3.0
11 Strotton, Bryont St John's Military Academy L12 W25 L31 W27 W26 3.0
12 Schladweiler, Matthew Kewaskum High School W11 W24 L5 D23 L22 2.5
13 Jones, Matthew Oconomowoc High School D25 W15 W18 L4 L6 2.5
14 Moua, Yao Soua Milw Riverside High School L10 D26 W17 L9 W21 2.5
15 Krco, Matt Marquette High School W19 L13 W30 L18 L20 2.0
16 Taggetz, Josh Waupaca High School L3 W54 L6 L1 W28 2.0
17 Shank, Justin Green Lake High School W28 W19 L14 L8 L24 2.0
18 Joyce, Marty Univ School of Milwaukee L7 L1 L13 W15 W29 2.0
19 Breeden, Chris Westosha Central L15 L17 W26 W25 L10 2.0
20 Ketterhagen, Zach St Mary's Spring HS -U- -U- -U- W31 W15 2.0
21 Verzal, Brian Hartland Arrowhead HS -U- L3 -B- W24 L14 2.0
22 Spaeth, Nathan Milw Tech High School W31 L6 L1 L7 W12 2.0
23 Patterson, Richard Jefferson High School W44 D4 L2 D12 L3 2.0
24 Sandeen, Nile Milw Juneau High School W26 L12 L10 L21 W17 2.0
25 Yang, Yia Milwaukee Vincent High School D13 L11 W29 L19 L7 1.5
26 Johnson, Mack Milwaukee North Division HS L24 D14 L19 -B- L11 1.5
27 Sabir, Channing Milwaukee Metropolitan HS L5 L2 L7 L11 -B- 1.0
28 Baganz, Bobby Plymouth High School L17 L8 L4 W10 L16 1.0
29 Buell, David Wisconsin Lutheran HS L1 W31 L25 L3 L18 1.0
30 Stoll, AJ Franklin High School L4 W7 L15 L2 L8 1.0
31 Cruz, Rigoberto Milw South Division HS L22 L29 W11 L20 L2 1.0

Board 2

32 Blashe, Jesse Marion High School D36 -B- W73 W46 W53 4.5
33 Graves, Daniel Nicolet High School W60 W48 W39 D36 W38 4.5
34 Frost, Jacob Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS L35 W61 W60 W62 W57 4.0
35 Kaliebe, Kyle Univ School of Milwaukee W34 W53 L52 W51 W58 4.0
36 Pimienta, Jose Milwaukee Bay View HS D32 W62 W47 D33 W52 4.0
37 Baganz, Patrick Plymouth High School L50 W41 D38 W48 W47 3.5
38 Holm, Leanne Madison West High School W61 W43 D37 W52 L33 3.5
39 Bryant, Josh Kewaskum High School W45 W55 L33 D43 W62 3.5
40 Wells, Marshal Westosha Central W51 D50 W59 W57 L48 3.5
41 Lang, Alex Sauk Prairie High School -B- L37 L49 W50 W61 3.0
42 Anderson, Joseph Milw South Division HS W62 W58 L45 L54 W56 3.0
43 Babcock, Peter Jefferson High School W81 L38 W56 D39 D49 3.0
44 Santaella, Fernando Hartland Arrowhead HS L23 W49 -B- W55 L46 3.0
45 Le, Thang St John's Military Academy L39 L57 W42 W60 W59 3.0
46 Chang, Xee Milw Riverside High School L48 W59 W50 L32 W44 3.0
47 Brogaard, Aaron Waupaca High School W49 D73 L36 W53 L37 2.5
48 Wawrzyniak, Joe South Milwaukee High School W46 L33 D55 L37 W40 2.5
49 Vater, Chris Manitowoc Lincoln High School L47 L44 W41 W58 D43 2.5
50 McHenry, James Green Lake High School W37 D40 L46 L41 W55 2.5
51 Ishihara, Andy Marquette High School L40 W52 W61 L35 L54 2.0
52 Jensen, Aaron Oconomowoc High School W57 L51 W35 L38 L36 2.0
53 Miller, Jerone Milwaukee Pulaski HS W58 L35 W62 L47 L32 2.0
54 Schuh, Ryan St Mary's Spring High School L2 L16 L9 W42 W51 2.0
55 Townes, Keith Milw Juneau High School W59 L39 D48 L44 L50 1.5
56 Templeton, Nick Milton High School L73 W60 L43 L61 L42 1.0
57 Brown, Leon Milwaukee Vincent High School L52 W45 L58 L40 L34 1.0
58 O'Connell, Kyle Wisconsin Lutheran HS L53 L42 W57 L49 L35 1.0
59 Evans, Jeremy Milwaukee North Division HS L55 L46 L40 -B- L45 1.0
60 Levy, Marcus Milwaukee Metropolitan HS L33 L56 L34 L45 -B- 1.0
61 Frankiewicz, Jim Franklin High School L38 L34 L51 W56 L41 1.0
62 Laizure, Kenny Milw Tech High School L42 L36 L53 L34 L39 0.0

Board 3

63 Kouteks, Jacob Milw Tech High School W91 W88 W85 W86 W89 5.0
64 Hintz, Tim Marion High School W88 -B- W107 W67 W85 5.0
65 Smka, Adam Waupaca High School W76 W107 W88 W85 W80 5.0
66 Gardner, Raynell Milwaukee Vincent HS D75 W92 W82 W93 W86 4.5
67 Xiong, Pao Milw Riverside High School W70 W79 W87 L64 W81 4.0
68 Frinzi, Dominic Jefferson High School W108 L69 W71 W89 W76 4.0
69 Klug, Casey Madison West High School W84 W68 W80 L75 W72 4.0
70 Weisheim, Jon South Milwaukee High School L67 W72 W74 W80 W93 4.0
71 Hopp, Sam Milton High School L107 W90 L68 W84 W91 3.0
72 Weber, Ari Nicolet High School W90 L70 W89 W88 L69 3.0
73 Furness, Andy St Mary's Spring High School W56 D47 L32 W91 D78 3.0
74 Miles, Avery Milw Juneau High School W79 W89 L70 L81 W87 3.0
75 Carpenter, Andy Oconomowoc High School D66 W78 D77 W69 L88 3.0
76 Tech, Mike Manitowoc Lincoln High School L65 W81 W83 W82 L68 3.0
77 Bishop, Tom Univ School of Milwaukee W86 D85 D75 W78 L82 3.0
78 Shiely, Vinnie Marquette High School W93 L75 W84 L77 D73 2.5
79 Abdullah, Charles Milw North Division HS L74 L67 D93 -B- W92 2.5
80 Gerlach, Alicia Plymouth High School W87 W83 L69 L70 L65 2.0
81 Anderson, Kyle Hartland Arrowhead HS L43 L76 -B- W74 L67 2.0
82 Krueger, Bryn Wisconsin Lutheran HS L85 W91 L66 L76 W77 2.0
83 Gertin, Jeremiah Sauk Prairie High School -B- L80 L76 W124 L84 2.0
84 Fitzgerald, Kevin Franklin High School L69 W86 L78 L71 W83 2.0
85 Moua, Kong Milwaukee Pulaski HS W82 D77 L63 L65 L64 1.5
86 Thompson, Tim Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS L77 L84 W90 L63 L66 1.0
87 Ziesemer, Chad Green Lake High School L80 W93 L67 -U- L74 1.0
88 Johnson, Marvin Milwaukee Bay View HS L64 L63 L65 L72 W75 1.0
89 Newmann, Michael Kewaskum High School W92 L74 L72 L68 L63 1.0
90 Lopez, Carlos Milwaukee Metropolitan HS L72 L71 L86 L92 -B- 1.0
91 Soto, Bryan Milw South Division HS L63 L82 W92 L73 L71 1.0
92 Muffoletto, James St John's Military Acad L89 L66 L91 W90 L79 1.0
93 Zanba, Alex Westosha Central L78 L87 D79 L66 L70 0.5

Board 4

94 Bauman, Tim Jefferson High School W148 W98 W114 W123 W110 5.0
95 Putirskis, Jacob South Milwaukee High School W113 W102 W100 W117 W99 5.0
96 Lund, Jon Univ School of Milwaukee W112 W109 W119 W118 W104 5.0
97 Bork, Christopher Marion High School W103 -B- W144 W113 L109 4.0
98 Reichardt, Marc Madison West High School W111 L94 W117 W119 W102 4.0
99 Ollila, Matt Westosha Central W118 D124 W122 W115 L95 3.5
100 Castro, Nick Milw Juneau High School W122 W123 L95 D108 W124 3.5
101 Czarmy, Ben Sauk Prairie High School -B- L117 W110 W152 L111 3.0
102 Nygaard, Mischa Nicolet High School W121 L95 W123 W103 L98 3.0
103 Yang, Chue Milwaukee Bay View HS L97 W116 W105 L102 W119 3.0
104 Groth, Chris Wisconsin Lutheran HS W109 W120 W115 L110 L96 3.0
105 Hladilek, Brendan Waupaca High School D110 W144 L103 D109 W117 3.0
106 Maxwell, Jeremy St John's Military Academy W123 L115 L120 W121 W122 3.0
107 Rodenkirch, Ed St Mary's Spring High School W71 L65 L64 W120 D118 2.5
108 Welman, Christine Hartland Arrowhead HS L68 L110 -B- D100 W113 2.5
109 Case, Chris Milwaukee Pulaski HS L104 L96 W116 D105 W97 2.5
110 Treague, Nathan Manitowoc Lincoln HS D105 W108 L101 W104 L94 2.5
111 Davision, Krystal Franklin High School L98 L112 D118 W114 W101 2.5
112 Tauschek, Ashley Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS L96 W111 W121 L116 L115 2.0
113 Her, Kevin Milw Riverside High School L95 W122 W124 L97 L108 2.0
114 Diedrick, Peter Milton High School L144 W121 L94 L111 W120 2.0
115 Miller, Terry Milwaukee Vincent High School L119 W106 L104 L99 W112 2.0
116 Luedtke, Mike Milw Tech High School D120 L103 L109 W112 D123 2.0
117 Abston, Ryan Plymouth High School W124 W101 L98 L95 L105 2.0
118 Puchalski, John Marquette High School L99 D119 D111 L96 D107 1.5
119 Bleke, John Oconomowoc High School W115 D118 L96 L98 L103 1.5
120 Sarosh, Waseem Milw South Division HS D116 L104 W106 L107 L114 1.5
121 Williams, Willie Milwaukee Metropolitan HS L102 L114 L112 L106 -B- 1.0
122 Hair, Lavon Milwaukee North Division HS L100 L113 L99 -B- L106 1.0
123 Smolinski, Matthew Kewaskum High School L106 L100 L102 L94 D116 0.5
124 Blair, Bill Green Lake High School L117 D99 L113 L83 L100 0.5

Board 5

125 Ben-Hur, Ryan St John's Military Academy W147 -B- W153 W150 W151 5.0
126 Babbitt, Nick Nicolet High School W150 W145 W147 W129 D141 4.5
127 Hazlett, Martin Jefferson High School W156 L141 W143 W147 W138 4.0
128 Xiong, Kao Milw Riverside High School W145 W151 W152 L131 W148 4.0
129 Jensen, Dean Milwaukee Bay View HS W131 W146 W149 L126 W136 4.0
130 Atherton, Jason Milwaukee Pulaski HS W137 W139 W146 W149 L131 4.0
131 Miller, Joshua J. Marion High School L129 -B- W154 W128 W130 4.0
132 Stewer, Kevin Plymouth High School W152 -B- W141 W145 L149 4.0
133 Panosian, Alex Marquette High School W135 W136 D134 L139 W144 3.5
134 Vogel, Adam Franklin High School L141 W142 D133 W143 -B- 3.5
135 Kurdus, Robert Westosha Central L133 W152 W151 -B- L145 3.0
136 Ryazhnov, Alex Oconomowoc High School -B- L133 W139 W141 L129 3.0
137 Schulz, Chris Wisconsin Lutheran HS L130 W153 -B- W138 L139 3.0
138 Leick, Jason Manitowoc Lincoln High School W149 W148 -B- L137 L127 3.0
139 Stevens, Andrew Univ School of Milwaukee W142 L130 L136 W133 W137 3.0
140 Barron, Robert Milw Juneau High School W151 D147 L145 W148 L155 2.5
141 Jorquera, Miguel Madison West High School W134 W127 L132 L136 D126 2.5
142 Ho, Elizabeth Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS L139 L134 W150 L146 -B- 2.0
143 Lyons, Teddy Milton High School L154 W150 L127 L134 W153 2.0
144 Hoffman, Tim St Mary's Spring High School W114 L105 L97 W153 L133 2.0
145 Sauve, Jason South Milwaukee High School L128 L126 W140 L132 W135 2.0
146 North, Justin Milw Tech High School W153 L129 L130 W142 L147 2.0
147 Gillis, Scott Kewaskum High School L125 D140 L126 L127 W146 1.5
148 Brody, James Hartland Arrowhead HS L94 L138 -B- L140 L128 1.0
149 Dettlaff, Victor Waupaca High School L138 L154 L129 L130 W132 1.0
150 Donald, Kevin Milwaukee Metropolitan HS L126 L143 L142 L125 -B- 1.0
151 Brown, Frank Milwaukee North Division HS L140 L128 L135 -B- L125 1.0
152 Zwaicher, Eric Green Lake High School L132 L135 L128 L101 W140 1.0
153 Lor, Tou Kong Milw South Division HS L146 L137 L125 L144 L143 0.0


154 Hammer, Kevin St Mary's Spring High School W143 W149 L131 -U- -U- 2.0
155 Engle, Robert Green Lake High School -U- -U- -U- -B- -U- 1.0
156 Heup, Andy Hartland Arrowhead HS L127 -U- -U- -U- -U- 0.0


Results of K-12

NoTeam (Players:Top 4 used)PtsSBx2
1 Milw Riverside High School (6) 17.5 119.0
2 Milwaukee School of Languages (7) 17.0 110.0
3 Milwaukee Bay View High School (5) 17.0 95.0
4 Nicolet High School (4) 17.0 91.0
5 Brookfield Academy (7) 16.0 88.5
6 Plymouth High School (6) 15.5 73.0
7 Marion High School (5) 14.5 92.0
8 Oconomowoc High School (11) 14.5 75.0
9 University School of Milwaukee (5) 14.0 72.0
10 Waupaca High School (14) 13.0 81.0
11 South Milwaukee High School (3) 11.5 57.5
12 Jefferson High School (5) 11.5 57.0
13 St Mary's Springs High School (6) 10.5 23.5
14 Manitowoc Lincoln High School (3) 9.5 51.5
15 Milwaukee Pulaski High School (3) 9.5 49.5
16 Milw Juneau High School (3) 9.5 46.5
17 Milw Tech High School (4) 9.5 41.5
18 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln HS (2) 9.0 59.0
19 Hartland Arrowhead High School (3) 8.0 35.0
20 West Bend (2) 7.5 44.5
21 Fond du Lac High School (2) 7.5 39.5
22 Milwaukee Hamilton High School (3) 7.5 28.5
23 Rhinelander High School (1) 4.5 26.0
24 Franklin High School (3) 4.5 17.5
25 Little Chute High School (2) 4.0 12.0
26 Kewaskum High School (1) 2.5 9.5
27 Green Lake High School (2) 2.0 6.0
28 Milwaukee North Division HS (2) 2.0 5.0
29 Westosha Central High School (1) 1.5 5.5

Individual Results

NoNameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6PtsMmedSBx2
1 Desmoulin, Stephan Plymouth W80 W67 W22 W62 W5 W3 6.0
2 Jesse, Nick Oconomowoc HS W86 W13 D30 W61 W14 W15 5.5
3 Small, Barry WI Rapids Lincoln HS W21 W115 W8 W9 W24 L1 5.0 24.0
4 Addison, Amous Milw Riverside HS W6 W27 W18 D14 D7 W21 5.0 22.5
5 Earle, Mark Nicolet HS W119 W50 W53 W29 L1 W22 5.0 20.5
6 Lee, Pang Milw Bay View HS L4 W92 W77 W53 W29 W24 5.0 19.5
7 Charleston, Erica Milw School of Lang W68 W98 D15 W84 D4 W25 5.0 19.0 32.5
8 Brown, Dominick Milw School of Lang W96 W25 L3 W69 W50 W52 5.0 19.0 32.0
9 Bernstein, Alex Brookfield Acad W87 W60 W28 L3 W59 W27 5.0 18.5
10 Pflughoeft, Danny Marion HS D42 W81 W57 D30 W39 W19 5.0 17.5
11 Beauchamp, EJ Nicolet HS W83 W89 W54 D31 W30 D12 5.0 17.0
12 Vang, Choua Milw Riverside HS W90 W82 L29 W49 W62 D11 4.5
13 Chang, Koua Milw Riverside HS W47 L2 D20 W72 W84 W48 4.5
14 Hartmann, Matt Plymouth HS W114 W70 W104 D4 L2 W31 4.5
15 Nebgen, Ben Rhinelander HS W113 W72 D7 W55 W31 L2 4.5
16 Vonckx, Katie Milw Bay View HS W112 L61 W106 D51 W35 W43 4.5
17 Hitchcock Tilton, Sam Univ School of Milw L20 W97 L52 W99 W103 W68 4.0
18 Hoffman, Bobby South Milw HS W65 W52 L4 W88 L25 W58 4.0
19 Benson, Dan Nicolet HS W43 W117 W63 L24 W46 L10 4.0
20 Egdorf, Taylor Marion HS W17 L63 D13 W81 W61 D28 4.0
21 Rogan, Sean West Bend L3 W93 W101 W70 W45 L4 4.0
22 Bates, Josh South Milw HS -B- W48 L1 W98 W47 L5 4.0
23 Pankratz, Jeff WI Rapids Lincoln HS W108 L104 L49 W65 W75 W62 4.0
24 Andaloro, Brian Brookfield Acad W95 W26 W56 W19 L11 L6 4.0
25 Gainey, Pat Manitowoc Lincoln HS W39 L8 W44 W60 W3 L7 4.0
26 Provencher, Joe Plymouth HS W110 L24 W117 W54 L27 W59 4.0
27 Gundlach, Jason Fond du Lac HS -X- L4 W82 W56 W26 L9 4.0
28 Klosowski, Tony Milw Bay View HS D103 W76 L9 W58 W104 D20 4.0
29 Choroszy, Joshua Milw Pulaski HS W57 W40 W12 L5 L6 W63 4.0
30 Massman, Aaron Waupaca HS W93 W99 D2 D10 L11 D41 3.5
31 Ellis, Deangelo Milw School of Lang W106 W35 W51 D11 L15 L14 3.5
32 Jones, Robert Milw School of Lang L71 L57 W91 W102 D80 W81 3.5
33 Zelinske, Brian Milw Pulaski HS L63 L55 W64 W117 W100 D34 3.5
34 Lange, Michael Fond du Lac HS L104 W85 W41 L45 W73 D33 3.5
35 Williams, Craig Brookfield Acad W118 L31 W103 D48 L16 W84 3.5
36 Gerber, Brian Brookfield Acad L52 L58 W90 W66 W57 D72 3.5
37 Joseph, Erick Milw Juneau HS L50 L83 W87 W92 W69 D47 3.5
38 Santaella, Doug Hartland Arrowhead HS W58 L53 L73 W82 W70 D40 3.5
39 Paul, Kyle Plymouth HS L25 W90 W88 W116 L10 D50 3.5
40 Fleming, John Jefferson HS W73 L29 L60 W115 W67 D38 3.5
41 Lange, Chloe Univ School of Milw L44 W86 L34 W71 W55 D30 3.5
42 Kirchner, Doug Plymouth HS D10 D103 L75 W77 W95 D53 3.5
43 Glenn, William Milw School of Lang L19 W68 W99 W104 D52 L16 3.5
44 Townes, Keith Milw Juneau HS W41 L56 L25 W89 W98 D45 3.5
45 Partington, Sam South Milw HS W100 L59 W107 W34 L21 D44 3.5
46 Fredrick, Nathan Univ School of Milw L53 W114 W96 W73 L19 D49 3.5
47 Golden, William Jefferson HS L13 W91 W71 W67 L22 D37 3.5
48 Wilkening, Aaron Waupaca HS W66 L22 W113 D35 W51 L13 3.5
49 Meyer, Ian West Bend W55 L51 W23 L12 W54 D46 3.5
50 Gau, Michael Milw Bay View HS W37 L5 W109 W83 L8 D39 3.5
51 Her, Shuezeng Milw Riverside HS W85 W49 L31 D16 L48 W79 3.5
52 Albert, Matthew Marion HS W36 L18 W17 W63 D43 L8 3.5
53 Smith, Bennie Milw School of Lang W46 W38 L5 L6 W60 D42 3.5
54 Witkowski, Jacob St Mary's Springs HS W75 W116 L11 L26 L49 W98 3.0
55 Markon, Tony Waupaca HS L49 W33 W108 L15 L41 W97 3.0
56 Feliciano, Angel Milw Bay View HS W105 W44 L24 L27 L63 W80 3.0
57 Dondlinger, Tony Manitowoc Lincoln HS L29 W32 L10 W97 L36 W96 3.0
58 Beaber, Jason Waupaca HS L38 W36 W89 L28 W83 L18 3.0
59 Schnell, Erich Univ School of Milw W69 W45 L62 W75 L9 L26 3.0
60 Gard, Nick Waupaca HS W94 L9 W40 L25 L53 W103 3.0
61 Taylor, Jim Waupaca HS W79 W16 D84 L2 L20 D74 3.0
62 Stuempges, Nick Waupaca HS W111 W107 W59 L1 L12 L23 3.0
63 Ehrenberg, Jon Waupaca HS W33 W20 L19 L52 W56 L29 3.0
64 Tally, Jered Milw Tech HS L82 L101 L33 W114 W116 W104 3.0
65 Teasdale, Dan Brookfield Acad L18 W111 L83 L23 W117 W100 3.0
66 Richter, Samantha Oconomowoc HS L48 W94 L69 L36 W93 W99 3.0
67 Novell, Peter Franklin HS W97 L1 W116 L47 L40 W94 3.0
68 Arcilla, Anthony Milw Riverside HS L7 L43 W86 W113 W101 L17 3.0
69 Bork, Jake Nicolet HS L59 W110 W66 L8 L37 W101 3.0
70 Buth, Andy Oconomowoc HS W101 L14 W100 L21 L38 W89 3.0
71 Roberts, Will Milw Hamilton HS W32 L84 L47 L41 W92 W95 3.0
72 Eash, Laura Oconomowoc HS -H- L15 W76 L13 W109 D36 3.0
73 Rowe, Josh Waupaca HS L40 W105 W38 L46 L34 W109 3.0
74 Hammer, Kevin St Mary's Springs HS -B- -B- -H- -N- -N- D61 3.0
75 Her, Keng Seng Milw Riverside HS L54 W80 W42 L59 L23 W102 3.0
76 Pappenfuss, David St Mary's Springs HS D81 L28 L72 L109 W119 W106 2.5
77 Heup, Andy Hartland Arrowhead HS -N- W112 L6 L42 W86 D83 2.5
78 Horn, Jon Manitowoc Lincoln HS L84 L88 W85 L95 D82 W107 2.5
79 Phillips, Kyle Milw Hamilton HS L61 D109 L81 W91 W106 L51 2.5
80 Pagel, Scott Oconomowoc HS L1 L75 W119 W93 D32 L56 2.5
81 Trokan, Samantha Kewaskum HS D76 L10 W79 L20 W107 L32 2.5
82 Johnson, Ryan Milw Juneau HS W64 L12 L27 L38 D78 W105 2.5
83 Booker, Monteal Milw Tech HS L11 W37 W65 L50 L58 D77 2.5
84 Krueger, Dan Jefferson HS W78 W71 D61 L7 L13 L35 2.5
85 Roehrborn, Tracey Oconomowoc HS L51 L34 L78 L94 W118 W117 2.0
86 Trzebiatowski, Brandon Waupaca HS L2 L41 L68 W119 L77 W118 2.0
87 Engle, Robert Green Lake HS L9 L108 L37 W90 L97 W113 2.0
88 Ihlenfeld, Al Milw Tech HS L117 W78 L39 L18 L102 W111 2.0
89 Vehrs, Brad Little Chute HS -X- L11 L58 L44 W113 L70 2.0
90 Milke, Adam St Mary's Springs HS L12 L39 L36 L87 W110 W116 2.0
91 Siefert, Josh Oconomowoc HS L99 L47 L32 L79 W114 W108 2.0
92 Smith, Jeremy Milw School of Lang L115 L6 W94 L37 L71 W112 2.0
93 Schreiner, Mike Brookfield Acad L30 L21 W112 L80 L66 W115 2.0
94 Van Ess, Stacie Plymouth HS L60 L66 L92 W85 W111 L67 2.0
95 Lees, Sam Waupaca HS L24 L100 W110 W78 L42 L71 2.0
96 Radtke, Jessica Jefferson HS L8 W102 L46 L101 W115 L57 2.0
97 McLees, Aaron Milw Pulaski HS L67 L17 W111 L57 W87 L55 2.0
98 Karow, Will Milw Hamilton HS W109 L7 W115 L22 L44 L54 2.0
99 Culhane, Matt Hartland Arrowhead HS W91 L30 L43 L17 W112 L66 2.0
100 Egdorf, Dustin Marion HS L45 W95 L70 W108 L33 L65 2.0
101 Murray, Kevin Little Chute HS L70 W64 L21 W96 L68 L69 2.0
102 Halle, David Plymouth HS L116 L96 W114 L32 W88 L75 2.0
103 Guzman, Lance Milw Tech HS D28 D42 L35 W105 L17 L60 2.0  
104 Lewis, Tyler Oconomowoc HS W34 W23 L14 L43 L28 L64 2.0
105 Endl, Jimmy Jefferson HS L56 L73 W118 L103 D108 L82 1.5
106 Schumacher, John Oconomowoc HS L31 W118 L16 D107 L79 L76 1.5
107 Koelbl, James Marion HS -X- L62 L45 D106 L81 L78 1.5
108 Bobula, Jake Westosha Central HS L23 W87 L55 L100 D105 L91 1.5
109 Notbusch, Jenifer Franklin HS L98 D79 L50 W76 L72 L73 1.5
110 Ewing, Jeff Oconomowoc HS L26 L69 L95 L112 L90 -B- 1.0
111 Gross, Billy St Mary's Springs HS L62 L65 L97 W118 L94 L88 1.0
112 Ruthledge, Brian Milw North Div HS L16 L77 L93 W110 L99 L92 1.0
113 Griffiths, Karl St Mary's Springs HS L15 W119 L48 L68 L89 L87 1.0
114 Dorman, Matt Brookfield Acad L14 L46 L102 L64 L91 W119 1.0
115 Johnson, Samantha Oconomowoc HS W92 L3 L98 L40 L96 L93 1.0
116 Lins, Matt Waupaca HS W102 L54 L67 L39 L64 L90 1.0
117 Brooks, Nolan Milw North Div HS W88 L19 L26 L33 L65 L85 1.0
118 Haaker, James Franklin HS L35 L106 L105 L111 L85 L86 0.0
119 Hitchcock Tilton, Joel Univ School of Milw L5 L113 L80 L86 L76 L114 0.0

Results of K-8

Team Standings

NoName (Players:Top 4 used)PtsSBx2
1 Marion Elementary School (17) 19.0 130.0
2 University School of Milwaukee (10) 17.5 120.0
3 Fond du Lac Woodworth Jr HS (15) 17.5 101.5
4 Rhinelander James Williams JHS (12) 16.5 86.0
5 Madison Hamilton Middle School (3) 16.0 108.0
6 Madison Sherman Middle School (6) 16.0 102.0
7 Milwaukee Morse Middle School (12) 14.5 74.5
8 Oconomowoc Stonebank School (7) 14.5 68.0
9 Milw School of Lang Middle Sch (8) 14.0 61.0
10 Milw Richard Kluge Elem School (15) 13.5 68.0
11 Richfield Elementary School (10) 11.5 49.5
12 Friess Lake Elementary School (3) 10.0 58.5
13 Waupaca Middle School (6) 9.5 51.5
14 Fond du Lac Chegwin Elem School (6) 8.5 26.5
15 Hahn Family (2) 8.0 50.0
16 Hales Corner Lutheran School (1) 6.0 45.0
17 Whitefish Bay Richards Elem Sch (5) 5.5 19.0
18 Delafield Horning Middle School (2) 5.5 17.5
19 Madison Glacier Creek MS (1) 5.0 41.0
20 Plymouth High School (1) 5.0 39.0
21 Neenah Horace Mann Middle Schoo (1) 5.0 38.0
22 Janesville Marshall Middle Sch (1) 4.5 20.5
23 Madison Cherokee Middle School (1) 4.0 23.0
24 Green Lake Elementary School (2) 4.0 15.0
25 Jefferson High School (2) 4.0 10.0
26 Whitefish Bay Cumberland ES (1) 3.0 16.0
27 Green Lake Middle School (1) 3.0 14.0
28 Oconomowoc High School (1) 3.0 12.0
29 Brookfield Hillside Elem School (1) 3.0 12.0
30 Oshkosh St John Neumann (1) 3.0 12.0
31 Fond du Lac Waters Elem School (1) 1.5 5.5

Individual Results

NoNameTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6PtsMMedSBx2Cumul
1 Kane, Jeremy Madison Hamilton MS W88 W14 W69 W7 W6 W5 6.0 22.5
2 Brown, Chris Hales Corner Lutheran W67 W137 W29 W60 W4 W3 6.0 21.0
3 Dong, Charlie Madison Glacier Creek MS W74 W85 W19 W8 W10 L2 5.0 23.5
4 Kirchner, Adam Plymouth W83 W34 W22 W11 L2 W39 5.0 22.5
5 Larson, Austin Neenah Mann MS W17 W70 W64 W31 W26 L1 5.0 22.0 38.0 20.0
6 Hahn, Byron Hahn Family W73 W27 W25 W24 L1 W36 5.0 22.0 38.0 19.0
7 Albert, Andy Marion Elem W66 W58 W40 L1 W32 W29 5.0 21.5
8 Hottenstein, Joe Marion Elem W131 W38 W84 L3 W34 W24 5.0 20.0
9 Garland, Graham Univ School of Milw W39 L26 W118 W49 W28 W54 5.0 19.0
10 Bell, Sam Madison Hamilton MS W135 W79 W90 W55 L3 W20 5.0 18.5 30.0
11 Weesner, Dean Madison Hamilton MS -X- W61 W89 L4 W52 W23 5.0 18.5 27.0
12 Adams, Phil FdL Woodworth MS D59 D100 W88 W89 W30 W26 5.0 17.0
13 Luckow, Alan FdL Woodworth MS D20 W107 L51 W101 W56 W57 4.5
14 Miller, Joshua D Marion Elem W101 L1 W74 W81 W31 D16 4.5
15 Stuempges, Josh Waupaca MS L58 W67 W53 W90 W33 D21 4.5
16 Schoff, Andy Rhinelander Williams JHS L21 W144 W137 W125 W76 D14 4.5
17 Rosin, Daniel Rhinelander Williams JHS L5 W145 D58 W50 W44 W41 4.5
18 Moriarity, Dylan Janesville Marshall MS L25 W148 D139 W99 W105 W47 4.5
19 Liebenthal, Dror Univ School of Milw W117 W139 L3 D22 W58 W51 4.5
20 Knitt, Nathan Marion Elem D13 W98 W50 W43 W51 L10 4.5
21 Alexander, Arren Madison Sherman MS W16 W127 L31 W61 W59 D15 4.5
22 Dumke, Nathan Marion Elem W65 W62 L4 D19 W43 D64 4.0
23 Hottenstein, Howie Marion Elem L24 W132 W62 W40 W55 L11 4.0
24 Bowen, John Univ School of Milw W23 W45 W54 L6 W37 L8 4.0
25 Alexander, Kelsen Madison Sherman MS W18 W28 L6 L37 W81 W75 4.0
26 Irwin, Samuel Milw Morse MS W128 W9 W119 W35 L5 L12 4.0
27 Yerukhimov, Alex Univ School of Milw W30 L6 W126 L39 W88 W85 4.0
28 Creamer, Corvell Madison Cherokee MS W75 L25 W77 W84 L9 W98 4.0
29 Kimbrew, Zach Madison Sherman MS W148 W124 L2 W87 W80 L7 4.0
30 Heup, Mike Oconomowoc Stonebank L27 W130 W97 W127 L12 W76 4.0
31 Rush, Jack Univ School of Milw W32 W33 W21 L5 L14 W90 4.0
32 Kiefer, Alex FdL Woodworth MS L31 W136 W113 W46 L7 W87 4.0
33 Shimeck, Derek Rhinelander Williams JHS W78 L31 W45 W72 L15 W68 4.0
34 Ardern, Ethan Univ School of Milw W110 L4 W100 W85 L8 W71 4.0
35 Bowen, James Univ School of Milw W140 W53 W80 L26 L39 W82 4.0
36 Jackson, Joshua Milw R Kluge Elem -H- W63 W95 D59 W64 L6 4.0
37 Severson, Derek Friess Lake Elem L62 W75 W48 W25 L24 W65 4.0
38 Soffa, Jacob FdL Woodworth MS W121 L8 L87 W70 W89 W80 4.0
39 Peterson, Erik Oconomowoc Stonebank L9 W116 W83 W27 W35 L4 4.0
40 Ardern, Colin Univ School of Milw W52 W81 L7 L23 W123 W78 4.0
41 Reed, Brandon Milw School of Lang MS -H- L42 W108 W114 W63 L17 3.5
42 Byrd, Derrick Milw R Kluge Elem -H- W41 L46 L56 W139 W105 3.5
43 Rizo, Daniel Milw School of Lang MS -H- W109 W114 L20 L22 W99 3.5
44 Runge, Steven Richfield Elem -U- W82 D103 W92 L17 W95 3.5
45 Koski, Ben Oconomowoc Stonebank -X- L24 L33 W122 W125 D52 3.5
46 Lozano, Josue Milw Morse MS -H- W108 W42 L32 L47 W104 3.5
47 Gardner, Matt Milw School of Lang MS -H- L50 W107 W95 W46 L18 3.5
48 Gundlach, Ben FdL Woodworth MS -X- L64 L37 D121 W92 W100 3.5
49 Woods, Josh Rhinelander Williams JHS L89 W141 W147 L9 W83 D55 3.5
50 Haynes, Diamond Milw R Kluge Elem -H- W47 L20 L17 W101 W96 3.5
51 Eggert, John Milw School of Lang MS -H- W138 W13 W105 L20 L19 3.5
52 Bergman, Tracy Rhinelander Williams JHS L40 W73 W150 W86 L11 D45 3.5
53 Pickart, Nelson FdL Woodworth MS W132 L35 L15 W118 W69 D61 3.5
54 Powers, Andrew Milw Morse MS -H- W149 L24 W111 W98 L9 3.5
55 Walls, Taylor Milw Morse MS -X- W77 W71 L10 L23 D49 3.5
56 Morales, Taracciola Milw Morse MS -H- W111 L59 W42 L13 W97 3.5
57 Martin, Tyler Milw Morse MS -H- W99 L105 W104 W93 L13 3.5
58 Last, Patrick Madison Sherman MS W15 L7 D17 W103 L19 W93 3.5
59 Brey, Greg Friess Lake Elem D12 W122 W56 D36 L21 D62 3.5
60 Taylor, Aaron Milw Morse MS -H- W93 W92 L2 L78 W94 3.5
61 Pflughoeft, Ryan Marion Elem W116 L11 W79 L21 W77 D53 3.5
62 Ghose, Saptarshi Univ School of Milw W37 L22 L23 W74 W72 D59 3.5
63 Vang, Jerry Milw Morse MS -H- L36 W122 W134 L41 W103 3.5
64 Last, Daniel Madison Sherman MS W129 W48 L5 W71 L36 D22 3.5
65 Liebenthal, Nir Univ School of Milw L22 -X- L76 W150 W119 L37 3.0
66 Passmore, Corey Rhinelander Williams JHS L7 L68 W140 L123 W136 W118 3.0
67 Samz, Darius Rhinelander Williams JHS L2 L15 W136 -F- W147 W125 3.0
68 Krivitz, Kyle Oconomowoc Stonebank L77 W66 D134 D115 W120 L33 3.0
69 Barber, Jason Rhinelander Williams JHS W97 W146 L1 L76 L53 W127 3.0
70 Gundlach, Ted FdL Chegwin Elem W120 L5 L86 L38 W150 W115 3.0
71 Weirick, Samuel Oconomowoc Elem W136 W94 L55 L64 W115 L34 3.0
72 Capelle, Craig FdL Woodworth MS L84 W129 W124 L33 L62 W119 3.0
73 Worth, Mark FdL Woodworth MS L6 L52 W110 L97 W128 W121 3.0
74 Soffa, Jobe FdL Woodworth MS L3 W135 L14 L62 W149 W120 3.0
75 Peacock, Matt Rhinelander Williams JHS L28 L37 W135 W146 W127 L25 3.0
76 Kocher, William Delafield Horning MS L125 -B- W65 W69 L16 L30 3.0
77 Hsieh, Anthony Brookfield Hillside Elem W68 L55 L28 W148 L61 W123 3.0
78 Schmalzer, Kyle Richfield Elem L33 W117 L127 W147 W60 L40 3.0
79 Schultz, Riley Green Lake MS W104 L10 L61 W108 L85 W110 3.0
80 Passmore, Stanley Rhinelander Williams JHS W130 W125 L35 W119 L29 L38 3.0
81 Moxon, Jordan Rhinelander Williams JHS W134 L40 W120 L14 L25 W112 3.0
82 Blaha, Robert Oshkosh St John Neumann L90 L44 W144 W124 W86 L35 3.0
83 Roti Roti, Annelise Green Lake Elem L4 W102 L39 W116 L49 W113 3.0
84 Schulz, Joseph Whitefish Bay Cumberland Elem W72 W87 L8 L28 L100 W109 3.0
85 Hahn, Brittany Hahn Family W112 L3 W146 L34 W79 L27 3.0
86 Angle, Nick FdL Woodworth MS L137 W131 W70 L52 L82 W116 3.0
87 Mattson, Kyle Marion Elem W145 L84 W38 L29 W117 L32 3.0
88 Peterson, Greg Oconomowoc Stonebank L1 W112 L12 W149 L27 W124 3.0
89 Touchett, Marty Richfield Elem W49 -X- L11 L12 L38 W117 3.0
90 Rades, Paul Marion Elem W82 W103 L10 L15 W113 L31 3.0
91 Levi, Devan Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L95 L104 L96 W145 W139 2.5
92 Colas, Jesse Milw School of Lang MS -H- W150 L60 L44 L48 W133 2.5
93 Zimmerman, John Milw School of Lang MS -H- L60 W149 W139 L57 L58 2.5
94 Rades, Beth Marion Elem W144 L71 D115 L98 W111 L60 2.5
95 Thompson, Greg Milw Morse MS -H- W91 L36 L47 W146 L44 2.5
96 Hotz, Alex Whitefish Bay Richards Elem D105 L114 L99 W91 W133 L50 2.5
97 Tabor, Josh Friess Lake Elem L69 W121 L30 W73 -H- L56 2.5
98 Cervantes, Jose Milw School of Lang MS -H- L20 W109 W94 L54 L28 2.5
99 Turner, Robert Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L57 W96 L18 W102 L43 2.5
100 Xiong, Kabnpauj Milw R Kluge Elem -H- D12 L34 D129 W84 L48 2.5
101 Heisler, Michael FdL Chegwin Elem L14 D104 W142 L13 L50 W131 2.5
102 Butler, Grayson Delafield Horning MS L124 L83 D133 W142 L99 W134 2.5
103 Van Beek, Devon FdL Woodworth MS W106 L90 D44 L58 W134 L63 2.5
104 Stollfuss, Mitch FdL Woodworth MS L79 D101 W91 L57 W114 L46 2.5
105 Resop, Adam FdL Woodworth MS D96 W142 W57 L51 L18 L42 2.5
106 Kraft, Alex Richfield Elem L103 L118 L123 L136 W141 W143 2.0
107 Camille, Serge Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L13 L47 L133 W138 D135 2.0
108 Logan, Lorraine Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L46 L41 L79 D135 W147 2.0
109 Alexander, Danae Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L43 L98 W138 D121 L84 2.0
110 Klima, Gavin FdL Woodworth MS L34 -F- L73 W130 W137 L79 2.0
111 Rice, Sheldon Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L56 W138 L54 L94 D114 2.0
112 Borzick, JC Marion Elem L85 L88 L148 W141 W126 L81 2.0
113 Theis, Matt FdL Chegwin Elem L146 W133 L32 W137 L90 L83 2.0
114 Walls, Sydney Milw Morse MS -H- W96 L43 L41 L104 D111 2.0
115 Quintinalla, Edgar Milw Morse MS -H- D126 D94 D68 L71 L70 2.0
116 Brower, Katie Jefferson MS L61 L39 W145 L83 W144 L86 2.0
117 Babcock, Bridget Jefferson MS L19 L78 W141 W126 L87 L89 2.0
118 Runge, Russel Richfield Elem -F- W106 L9 L53 W148 L66 2.0
119 Larsen, Woodrow Marion Elem W123 W143 L26 L80 L65 L72 2.0
120 Petri, Scott Richfield Elem L70 W123 L81 W143 L68 L74 2.0
121 Grimm, Gatlin Marion Elem L38 L97 W131 D48 D109 L73 2.0
122 Naugle, Delonte Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L59 L63 L45 D132 W146 2.0
123 Sigwart, Sidney Waupaca MS L119 L120 W106 W66 L40 L77 2.0
124 Larsen, Fred Marion Elem W102 L29 L72 L82 W143 L88 2.0
125 Chance, Austin Richfield Elem W76 L80 W143 L16 L45 L67 2.0
126 Lee, Swmzeej Milw R Kluge Elem -H- D115 L27 L117 L112 W144 2.0
127 Lampinen, Zachery Marion Elem W133 L21 W78 L30 L75 L69 2.0
128 Fritz, Thomas Marion Elem L26 L147 W130 -F- L73 W148 2.0
129 Curcurio, Joe FdL Waters Elem L64 L72 W132 D100 -U- -U- 1.5
130 Nelson, Sean Waupaca MS L80 L30 L128 L110 W140 D136 1.5
131 Byle, Chris Richfield Elem L8 L86 L121 D135 W142 L101 1.5
132 Chance, Victoria Richfield Elem L53 L23 L129 D145 D122 D137 1.5
133 Hanke, Alex Waupaca MS L127 L113 D102 W107 L96 L92 1.5
134 Larsen, Axel Marion Elem L81 W140 D68 L63 L103 L102 1.5
135 Westley, William Oconomowoc Stonebank L10 L74 L75 D131 D108 D107 1.5
136 Westley, Andrew Oconomowoc Stonebank L71 L32 L67 W106 L66 D130 1.5
137 Fischer, Jacob Madison Sherman MS W86 L2 L16 L113 L110 D132 1.5
138 Edwards, Nobel Milw Morse MS -H- L51 L111 L109 L107 W150 1.5
139 Clementi, Brandon FdL Woodworth MS W147 L19 D18 L93 L42 L91 1.5
140 Bjella, Braden Whitefish Bay Richards Elem L35 L134 L66 L144 L130 -B- 1.0
141 Hotz, Elise Whitefish Bay Richards Elem L143 L49 L117 L112 L106 W149 1.0
142 Wright, Sequoia Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L105 L101 L102 L131 D145 1.0
143 Lindquist, Sammy Green Lake Elem W141 L119 L125 L120 L124 L106 1.0
144 Sande, Sam FdL Chegwin Elem L94 L16 L82 W140 L116 L126 1.0
145 Hotz, Nick Whitefish Bay Richards Elem L87 L17 L116 D132 L91 D142 1.0
146 Burnett, Michael Richfield Elem W113 L69 L85 L75 L95 L122 1.0
147 Bjella, Anders Whitefish Bay Richards Elem L139 W128 L49 L78 L67 L108 1.0
148 Theis, Michael FdL Chegwin Elem L29 L18 W112 L77 L118 L128 1.0
149 Paige, Brandy Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L54 L93 L88 L74 L141 0.5
150 Hill, Naqueisha Milw R Kluge Elem -H- L92 L52 L65 L70 L138 0.5