Meeting Minutes

Here are official minutes of the WCA board meetings.

Minutes 12/2004

  • Written by Jerry Noel
  • Published: 23 April 2005
  • Last Updated: 23 April 2005

WCA Board Meeting
Arlen’s house, Milwaukee

The meeting was called to order by President Nietman at 12:20.

Members absent were: Pete Webster, Mike Selig, and David Granik (second consecutive absence). Proxies entered: Jerry Noel holds Selig’s vote and Mike Nietman holds Webster’s (Pete gives his proxy to David if he is present).

  1. Announcements: The Grade Level Championship in Milwaukee will have a Friday-Saturday schedule. There was miscellaneous discussion regarding Bob Patterson-Sumwalt’s directing experience.
  2. Minutes of 8/30/04 meeting: Minor corrections were made to the record. Motion to accept as amended (AW/KR), carries 8-0.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Ken hands out various items of information (attached). As usual, the Junior Open helped out or financial situation. Some of the items are estimates since the final numbers have yet to come in. Jerry makes a quip about using “Fuzzy math” while former Treasurer Guy Hoffman admitted that “I just made up numbers.”
    Ken hands out a letter to a Ms. Boardman regarding a bad check. There was discussion on how to handle future similar situations. It is the feeling of the board to let Ken try to resolve this politely before calling in the collection services of Hoffman, Smith, & Wesson. The discussion then turned to the Kittsley Fund and tagging them as “Restricted Funds” for accounting and business purposes. In Ken’s packet of old statements, the year 2000 was missing. Guy and Ken worked to resolve the question as to how much and when Scott donated and augmented the fund. 12:42 doorbell rings as David arrives.
    Motion to set the Kittsley fund at $2400 as of 1/1/2004 to fund the upset prize per Scott’s intent, (KR/JN), carries 6-0-2 (DG, PW).
    Mike Nietman brings up a question regarding Ray Hayes. It seems that Ray plays in a large number of out of state events, and Mike was wondering about giving him a Life Membership so that he doesn’t have to send out a card every year. Jerry Noel objects to that option on the grounds that every time a Life membership is given, it is followed soon after by death. As an alternative, Jerry and Arlen each ‘donate’ $5 to the WCA to give Ray a paid WCA membership for two years.
  4. 2004 State Closed: nothing new to add.
  5. 2004-05 Junior/Vet’s Financials: There was discussion about the beginner section and the situation of having “big kids” playing “small kids”. Possible split into two sections next year. T.D. coverage was also an issue. Guy covered the Veteran’s section for Arlen. Matt Roeder also assisted. There were some technical problems associated with USCF’s online membership and rating system. Mike Nolan of USCF is working on the problems. The Denker/Polgar representative has not yet been completely determined. Jeremy Kane and Siarhei Biarieshyk will have a playoff at a later time. Both are students at Madison West. Amy Volegedes of Milwaukee James Madison High will be the Polgar rep. One USCF membership came back as expired, Zac Hirschman. A note to Chris Brown, the team coach, will be sent.
  6. 2004 NCO final report: Selig apologizes for being absent from the meeting. A statement on the financials is handed out (attached). The turnout (39 players) was a disappointment. Ken has a few questions for Selig on some items.
  7. 2004 WI Memorial progress: Mike Nietman will send out an e-mail to clubs asking for a list of their deceased.
  8. 2005 Elo Progress: Arlen was considering either Brookfield or South Milwaukee. The event will be 3/5-6, 2005 at the Radisson south of the airport.
  9. 2005 State Closed: no bids entered. Guy will check with the UW. For two Chess Life issues, the TLA must be in by Feb. 10th. Guy proposes an electronic vote to the amazement of those present. There was additional discussion regarding possible sites.
  10. OOB: none.
  11. 2005 Tour: Guy lists probable and possible events for the 2005 Tour.
    Feb. 12-13U.W. Winter OpenMadison
    Mar. 5-6Elo OpenMilwaukee
    Mar. 26Marshall MemorialWaukesha
    Apr. 30-May 1Thompson MemorialMilwaukee (possibly May 7-8)
    May 28-30State ClosedTBA
    July 2-3Western OpenMilwaukee
    July 23-24 Green Bay OpenGreen Bay
    Sep. 17-18Badger OpenWaukesha
    TBAU.W. Fall OpenMadison
    TBAR-K OpenRacine
    TBALevit Mem.Milwaukee
    Nov. 25-27NCOTBA
    Dec. ?WI MemorialMadison
    Motion to accept the list with possible future changes as needed (AB/KR), carries 9-0.
    Arlen diverts the discussion to the 2004 Milwaukee Jubilee, Guy Hoffman wins it.
  12. Next meeting: Pete tenders his resignation since he usually has difficulty attending. The Board rejects the tender and accepts his other offer to host the next meeting. Feb. 27, Sunday at 1300 hrs. in Janesville.
  13. ONB: none.
  14. Motion to adjourn, (GH) carries 9-0.

Minutes 2/2005

  • Written by Administrator
  • Published: 23 April 2005
  • Last Updated: 23 April 2005

WCA Board Meeting
Pete’s house, Janesville.

The meeting was called to order by President Nietman at 1:15 pm.

Members absent were: Arlen & Andy. Proxies entered: none

  1. Announcements: With the passing of GM Denker, there are problems with the funding of the Denker tournament of Champions. His greedy children are trying to siphon off his estate for their own use. One son is fighting to reestablish the funding as it was. Judith Polgar will step up and cover the expenses for both events this year.
  2. Minutes of 12/5/04 meeting: Minor corrections were noted. Motion to accept as amended (MS/PW), carries 7-0.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Ken hands out seven pages of financial information (attached).
    1:30, Arlen arrives.
  4. 2004-05 Junior/Vet’s Financials: Mike N. hands out the financial statement for the events (attached), motion to accept (JN/PW), carries.
  5. 2004 NCO final report: Motion to table until next meeting (DG/PW), carries 7-0-1 (GH).
  6. 2004 WI Memorial final report: Jerry hands out a final report (attached). Motion to accept as amended (MS/AW), carries 7-0-1 (JN).
  7. 2005 Elo Progress: Arlen will check on the lighting levels at the Ramada. He will also check on the room rates as Guy received a cheaper rate without mentioning the tournament. Flyers are available at other events.
  8. 2005 State Closed: Selig asks for help in setting up a press release. Jerry mentions that he was “born a bs-er and a journalist’. To which Arlen pointed out that was redundant. Guy noted that Mike has yet to run for public office, and Jerry reiterated that Mike was a bs-er, not a liar. Motion to accept the budget (JN/PW), carries 7-0-1 (GH).
  9. OOB: Arlen hands out an eight page report on the website. It includes usage and other details about the site. The bandwidth was exceeded mainly due to a ‘Googlebot’ that was investigating the site. He is also fixing bugs in the calendar pages.
    Guy noted some changes to the Tour calendar:
    • Thompson Memorial will be 5/7-8
    • State Closed will be in Neenah
    • R-K Open will be 6/11-12
    • Levit Memorial will be 8/27-28
    • U.W. Fall open will be 10/8-9
  10. Insurance Renewal: Ashish Vaja’s father is an insurance agent. Rockford Insurance charged us $400+ per year. General Casualty will only extort $270 per year. Motion to use Gen. Casualty and pay the $270 (AW/MS), carries 7-0-1 (GH).
  11. Promotion ideas: The board discussed various ideas for increasing the turnout at events. Pete has done simuls in the past. USCF has promotional memberships. T-shirts and boards with the event were also discussed.
  12. WCA membership Meeting agenda: the usual stuff.
  13. Next meeting: after the membership meeting.
  14. ONB: There will be openings on the board for the next year. Pete may not run and Jerry will definitely not run. This means that the Board will need to search for a new fool to be secretary. Don Berrens is interested in being on the board.

Motion to adjourn, (GH) carries 8-0.

Minutes 2/97

  • Written by Jerry Noel
  • Published: 16 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 01 March 1997

The meeting was called to order at 1:25 with Kelly Borman absent.

  1. ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Betaneli/Serper school drew 35 students on Saturday with a similar amount on Sunday. They will try to have another school again in the future. 2) The Gruenhagen has increased the cost of the room from $195 to $218. 3) SASP report has been submitted. $565.40 was received and deposited. 4). $1000 has been received from Scott Kittsley to augment the upset prize.
  2. MINUTES: MOTION (WP/GH) to accept as corrected, CARRIES.
  3. USCF UPDATE: Policy Board meeting excerpts; rating revisions now have a minimum rating of 100, rating floors drop 100 points more. A sliding K factor for lower rated players to get them up to reasonable ratings faster. New classes are added, F,G,H,I,J. FINANCES; a $260,000 loss. 1143 Wisconsin members.
  4. TREASURERS REPORT: Chris gives his report on the financial status, nothing in depth, he will have a detailed report for the Membership meeting. 2) Prize fund discussion centered around based-on vs. Guaranteed. 3) MOTION (CK/YL) to limit the Merit Award to one per organizer per USCF fiscal year (6/1-5/31), CARRIES 5-2-1. Nietman and Merrill against, Noel abstains. We are not a charity, Krumenauer. Add a qualifier that the event must lose at least $1000, Noel. This goes into effect June 1, 1997.
  5. 1996 NCO FINAL REPORT: Chris hands out report, There it is. Argh! Hoffman. MOTION to accept, (Noel, Hoffman), Carries.
  6. 1996 SCHRAMM FINAL REPORT: There was a loss of $40.96. MOTION to accept, (Peters, Noel), Carries.
  7. 1997 ARPAD ELO OPEN: There was a bid for a tournament in Whitewater with Matt Roeder and Brian Brzyzinski directing, MOTION to accept, (Krummy/Peters), Motion fails, 1-5-2. Krummy in favor, Kaul and Lilly abstain. MOTION to commend them on their creative bid, (Merrill/Krummy), Passes, 6-0-2, Hoffman, Peters abstain.
  8. 1997 STATE PROGRESS REPORT: The TLA has been sent in. There was discussion about the round times and the prize fund.
  9. BYLAWS CHANGE: The bylaws committee met before the Board meeting, and will propose a few changes to the WCA Bylaws at the next meeting.
  10. POST OFFICE RENEWAL: Tabled until the next meeting.
  11. BADGER CHESS SUBSIDY: MOTION TO continue, Carries, 6-1-1. Krummy against, Noel abstains. There are 2 issues to finish 1996. The 1996 installment was paid in 11/95. MOTION to send $100 with $100 set aside based upon Badger Chess performance Carries, 6-1-1. Krummy against, Peters abstains.
  12. WCA WEBSITE INFO: Matt reports that the website is up and running. Organizers will be advised to put the web address on flyers, and send Matt information for tournaments. WWW.CEW.WISC.EDU/WCA/
  13. OTHER OLD BUSINESS: There was discussion about the tour calendar. Nothing unusual.
  14. 1997 NORTH CENTRAL OPEN BIDS: postponed, no interest.
  15. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: members up for election; Noel, Lilly, Peters.
  16. NEXT MEETING: after the Membership meeting in Eau Claire, 3:00pm.
  17. Motion to make the Junior Open a 2 section event, (Kaul,) Motion dies for lack of a second. Mike Nietman will survey at the scholastic.
  18. Motion to raise the WCA dues to $5 per year, with free membership to any player that plays in a WCA event, (Noel/Hoffman), Motion to amend; (Krummy) to add a lifetime membership for $25 with no magazine, Carries, 8-0-0.
  19. MOTION TO ADJOURN, (Peters), Carries.


Minutes 5/97

  • Written by Jerry Noel
  • Published: 16 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 01 June 1997


President Nietman called the meeting to order with the members present.
1. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike gave the usual announcements; area code changes, Voting member allocation, SASP, USCF Policy Board Insanity, etc.
2. MINUTES: The minutes from the previous meeting were corrected. MOTION to accept as corrected (gh/ck), carries.
3. 1999 STATE FINAL REPORT: The usual Selig bashing took place regarding the loss at the State.
JUNIOR: 101 players. Winner was Paul La Cosse.
VET: 29 players. Winners were Bill Elger and Vlad Dima.
Next year the Junior will have fewer trophies and the budget will be cut. MOTION to accept the report (JN/GH), carries.
5. NCO PROGRESS REPORT: Selig held a conference with the hotel. 30 entries so far. A press release will be in Sundays paper.
6. SCHRAMM PROGRESS REPORT: The TLA has been sent in. Andy Becker is still the T.D.
7. 2000 ELO BIDS: none entered.
8. 2000 STATE CLOSED PROGRESS REPORT: Andy Becker not present. Idle discussion regarding the site by the few members present.
9. SASP REVIEW: No information from the USCF office, the money has been spent, however.
10. none
Motion to accept with possible additions (GH/JN) Carries.
13. INSURANCE UPDATE: $212 premiums, no claims filed, not that they would payÖ
MOTION to continue (JN/CK) Carries 4-0-1 Hoffman abstains (in bathroom).
14. NEXT MEETING: 1:30pm Sat. 2/26, Valley Inn, Neenah. Site of the Northeastern open.
15. OTHER NEW BUSINESS: NONE. Motion to adjourn, (JN), Carries 5-0.

Membership Minutes 5/97

  • Written by Jerry Noel
  • Published: 16 November 2004
  • Last Updated: 01 June 1997

The meeting was called to order at 3:13 p.m. by President Nietman. Board members present were Nietman, Secretary Noel, Guy Hoffman, Kelly Borman, and Josh Kaul.

  1. MINUTES: The Secretary read the Minutes of the 1996 membership meeting. MOTION to accept as read, (Hoffman/Wayne Meier), Carries.
  2. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Mike Nietman read the President’s report. Copies were distributed to the members to read along. Mike then read a letter from VP Matt Merrill regarding a lack of materiel being submitted for the WCA web page.
  3. TREASURER’S REPORT: Copies of the report were distributed to the members. MOTION to accept the financial report as corrected, (Kaul/William Murtaugh), Carries.

RESOLUTION CHANGE A; Delete the following from bylaw 5.2 regarding the duties of the President, “, name the USCF delegate and voting members,” Purpose is to abide by the 1995 Membership Meeting motion. MOTION to accept change, (WCA Board/Brian Brzezinski) Carries 26-0-1.

RESOLUTION CHANGE B; Delete the last sentence of bylaw 5.5 regarding the Treasurer which states, “He shall be bonded for a sum sufficient to protect the Association from loss.” Purpose is to bring the bylaws in line with actual practice. MOTION to accept change, (WCA Board/Wayne Meier), Carries 25-2-0

RESOLUTION CHANGE C; Change by-law 3.2, to raise the annual dues to $5 per year, with players in WCA sponsored events receiving the membership for free. MOTION to change, (WCA Board) , Carries 27-0-3.

RESOLUTION CHANGE D; delete paragraph 7.3 requiring the WCA to establish a yearly budget. Purpose is to bring the bylaws in line with actual practice. MOTION to accept change, (WCA Board/Wayne Meier), Carries.

Tom Feeney Mike Nietman 24
Jerry Noel Guy Hoffman 15
Matt Roeder Brian Brzezinski 12
Brian Brzezinski Matt Roeder 14
Robert Reinke David Granik DECLINED
Wayne Meier Jerry Noel 12

Motion to close nominations (Meier/Hoffman), Carries.

The secretary hands out ballots, the votes were tallied by the election committee, and the voting is displayed above.


ACCEPTED 5/24/98.