Minutes 5/98

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike Nietman was disappointed with the attendance at the previous meeting scheduled for his apartment in Mauston. Only four members were in attendance. B: There is now a chess club in Baraboo, contact person is Dan Silvernail. C: There is a ballot in Chess Life regarding the “one man one vote” referendum. D: The mailing labels received from USCF was missing some current players, Mike expressed some concern. E: New postal rates in effect; $.254 for zip+4, $.186 for bar coded. F: NEW CHESS by Kirk Plankey is now defunct. G: Beatriz Marinello is cutting back the amount of time that she will be available at the WEAC convention.

MINUTES: A; Nov. 2nd typos, Schramm, ELO, 218 not 238 MOTION to accept (CK/JK), carries. B; Feb. 1, Feb. 7, MOTION to accept, (CK?BB), Carries.


  1. President: Mike Nietman nominated by Hoffman MOTION to close, (JN/CK), carries 8-0-1
  2. Vice-President Guy Hoffman nominated by Kaul MOTION to close, (JN/JK), carries 8-0-1
  3. Secretary Jerry Noel nominated by Hoffman MOTION to close, (CK/JK), carries 8-1
  4. Treasurer Chris Krumenauer nominated by Selig MOTION to close, (JK/TF), carries, 8-0-1

1997-98 JUNIOR/VETERAN’S FINAL: The Junior Open had 149 entrants, 75 in the open section, 74 in the reserve section. The cutoff was at 1100. Lots of USCF memberships were sold. Final profit of $210.14 was recorded. MOTION to accept report, (JN/CK), Carries 9-0. VETERAN’S OPEN; 26 entries, low turnout, prize fund slashed, loss of $11.23 Winners were; Justin Ceterski and Patrick Van Dyke, 5-0, with Patrick winning on tie breaks. There was a four way tie for Denker rep. Josh Kaul won the tie break event.

SCHRAMM FINAL REPORT: 60 players, the $35 check from Mrs. Schramm was lost by the T.D. Borman. Profit was $3.51 ($38.51 if the check is found). George Ljaschenko won. MOTION TO ACCEPT, (GH/JN), Carries.

1998 ELO OPEN FINAL: 60 players, $21.33 profit. Alex Betaneli won, 4.5-0.5 MOTION to accept, (JN/BB), Carries.

STATE PRELIMINARY REPORT: 84 players in attendance, 44 open, 40 reserve. 5 players from the U.P. Higher mailing costs this year.

1998 NORTH CENTRAL OPEN BIDS: Eau Claire Holiday Inn, prize fund based upon 90, $2100 + trophy, break even point of 86 players. MOTION to accept the budget, (JN/BB), carries 9-0. T.D Bids, Guy Hoffman and Jerry Noel for $125. MOTION to accept, (BB/MS), carries, 7-0-2.


1998-99 JUNIOR/ VETERAN’S OPEN BIDS: New dates due to a conflict, entry fee change, $14 with a $4 discount, MOTION to accept as amended, (JK/BB), Carries, 7-0-2. T.D. BIDS: the usual suspects enter a bid for $450 to direct both events. MOTION to accept, (BB/JN), carries.


  1. 1999 MAR, 20-21 SCHOLASTIC
  2. OCT, 30-31 JR/VET
  3. DEC, 18-19 SCHRAMM
  4. 2000 MAR, 11-12 SCHOLASTIC
  5. NOV, 4-5 JR/VET
  6. DEC, 16-17 SCHRAMM
  7. 2001 MAR, 17-18 SCHOLASTIC
  8. NOV, 3-4 JR/VET
  9. DEC, 15-16 SCHRAMM
  10. MOTION to accept, (TF/BB), carries.

1998 SCHRAMM : There was discussion regarding lowering the postage cost by combining the Schramm flyers with the NCO flyer. TD BIDS: MOTION to table, (BB/JN), Carries.

1998 STATE SCHOLASTIC RESULTS: 373 players in attendance, Madison West won, 6-0, John Carian won board 1, 6-0. Smooth running tournament, enforcer Jerry Noel didn’t have to kill anybody, however, some coaches came close.

2000 NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DISCUSSION: Same discussion, different location, who will be doing the work, and who will get the credit? Mike Nietman is going to a meeting with Lilian Carter-Pounds. Much heated discussion on the ineptitude of Milwaukee organizers. Bill Williams enters into the discussion to defend his cronies. More heated discussion ensues. MOTION to have the WCA cosponsor the event with the goal of providing much needed expertise, (TF/JK), Josh Kaul enters an amendment to give Mike Nietman discretion on WCA sponsorship, Guy Hoffman motions to table the original motion until we have more information. Motion to Table carries, 5-4 (GH, JN, KB, CK, JK in favor of tabling).

TOUR PRIZES: MOTION to change the Tour prize fund, eliminating the Expert prize, and splitting the Under 1600 to Class C and Under 1400, (JN/CK), Carries.

USCF ANNUAL MEETINGS: No elections this year, Guy is the Delegate.


A: 1999 State bid; entered by Mike Selig, location is Fond Du Lac, add $3 Junior discount, 45/2, 25/1 time controls, MOTION to accept as amended, (JN/CK), 8-0-1.

B: Creation of Publications committee, including a feasibility study, seeking others to do badger Chess. MOTION to create, (JN/BB), Carries. Committee consists of Selig (chair), Feeney, Brzezinski.

C: 1999 NAVISTAR AMATEUR TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP, May 1-2, MOTION to recognize as official, (JN/MS), Carries.