Membership Minutes 5/98

The meeting was called to order at 3:33 p.m. By President Nietman in the skittles room at the Gruenhagen Conference Center. Board member Matt Merrill was absent. No proxies were presented.

  1. The Secretary read the minutes of the 1997 membership meeting. A motion to accept the Minutes as read was entered by Mike Selig, seconded by Chris Krumenauer. Motion carries.

    Errol Hartman had a question regarding Board resolution A. The Board makes a motion to insert Resolution D, which deletes section 7.3 from the by-laws. Motion carries unanimously.

  2. Presidents Report: Mike Nietman introduced the Board members to the Membership. He then reads the Presidents Report.

    Bruce Shampo has a question regarding the Tour and rating deflation.

  3. Treasurers Report: Chris Krumenauer gives his report on the fiscal status of the WCA. A motion was entered by Mike Selig to accept the report. It was seconded by Tom Feeney as amended. Motion carries with Chris abstaining.
  4. Topics for discussion: The Board accept the adulation from its loyal subjects. There was discussion regarding the 2000 National Scholastic Championship and the WCAs involvement.
    Guy Hoffman Wayne Meier 28
    Mike Nietman Errol Hartman 29
    Mike Selig Tom Feeney 19
    Matt Roeder Brian Brzezinski 10
    Larry Schmitt Errol Hartman 8
    William Murtaugh (write in) 1

Bill Murtaugh made a motion to close nominations, seconded by John Wagner, motion carries.

The secretary distributed the ballots. The election committee compiled the results (see above).

Errol Hartman makes a motion to adjourn, motion carries.


The Board meeting to follow after a five minute break.