1998 Scholastic Championships


Notes from the coaches meeting

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tournament Director

Next year's state scholastic championship will be held on March 20-21, 1999.

Remember that Beatriz Marinello the USCF Scholastic Director and I will be manning a booth at the WEAC convention in Madison October 28-30. In addition she will be presenting a session on Chess in Education Friday, October 30 8:30-10:30 A.M. Hope to see a number of you there!

Most of the discussion dealt with switching the tournament to a Friday-Saturday format. Many good arguments were presented for and against the switch. Although no move can be made next year because the conference center can not be readied for Friday play in time because of another conference, I suggest that each of you discuss the possi- bility with your principal AND your players. It should be noted that several top players expressed a strong disinterest in switching as did several parents who brought their children to the event. Several parents that I spoke to indicated that there children would be unable to attend the event if held on a Friday- Saturday.

A motion to move to Friday-Saturday was tabled at the Sunday meeting. A motion to play 1-3-2 (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) was also tabled. A motion to split the Varsity section into two sections passed. The sections will tentatively be called the "Varsity" and the "Varsity Reserve" section. The intent is to bring the total number of "Varsity" teams to 32 or less allowing the varsity sections to become 5-rounders. The JV sections will remain six rounds but be split 4-2 (Saturday-Sunday) with swifter time controls on Saturday.

To me this is a very good compromise that suits everyone's needs.

I am reevaluating the continuance of the speed chess tournament. Only 29 of 168 varsity players and 40 of 205 junior varsity players participated. Please poll your players and if they have any better ideas on how they want it run (e.g. each board has a separate section) or if a different activity (Siamese/doubles) is desired, please let me know.

I'm sure that we will be able to talk Alex into a simul once again next year. After that it may be tough as he will be going to medical school. Is it the desire of the players to continue the simul? If so, I can begin talking with other state masters. Bringing in a master for the full weekend will allow him to analyze your player's games during the day.

My thanks to University School who took the time to mark their sets and boards. I was able to return a whole box of their sets and boards that they had left behind. Lost and found after the tournament include only a tournament standard, beat-up set in a brown bag marked with a black 'E' on the outside. Another set in a blue MPS bag was returned to Fred Lange who will pass it on to Jan Doleschal. If you're an MPS school and lost a set, please contact her. I also found a blue, adult, XL terry sweatshirt brand name Chalk Line. If you discover that the first set or the sweatshirt are yours, please write or call and I will send it to you.