Sep - Dec 1971

  • Written by Pete Webster
  • Last Updated: 11 December 2020

Volume 3 #3-4

This was a double issue which opened with the editor's apology for how life conspired against him getting the issue out at all. Things had cleared up for Pete, and with this issue he announced a third year of Joyous Chess would, in fact, occur.

He added an apology for errors in v2#2: He'd flipped the names of the players in Webster-Martz, and he'd omitted the light notes that Richard Kujoth had supplied for the game Annen-Kujoth (there were 4 in all).

This was followed by announcements for the 1972 State Championship in Stevens Point and the 1972 High School Team Championship, run by Mr. Baird at Boys' Tech HS in Milwaukee, as well as a tournament ("sometime in May?") at UW-Madison and the Duluth Open at UM-D.

Other notes from this issue are reproduced below.

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Peter Webster published a newsletter free to WCA members in the early 70's. It was mimeographed and stapled together and ran to around 8 pages per issue, published quarterly. He published notes on games, as well as cross tables and news about chess around the state.